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How Youtube downloader SnatchMedia works?

Download videos & audio from Youtube

Hello, you are at SnatchMedia. Our website is full of features, we offer video and audio downloads from Youtube and 100s of other websites and social networks. Here you can download videos from Youtube in Mp4 format and convert them to Mp3 or M4a format for audio extraction. Videos can be up to 2hrs long for download, and about 1hr long for mp3 converter. This is done to ensure that everyone can use our service unlimited, because all converter jobs will complete in just 1-2 minutes at most, while small 5-10 minute video can be downloaded in just a few seconds.

SnatchMedia is webapp

Add to Home Screen

And all web-apps can be installed to your device, if it's powered by Android or Windows. It will act like a native app on your device, and do stuff just like this website. So it's a win-win situation. But remember, you don't have to install this app, it all works online, so browser is enough for access.

Access with bookmarklet

Download Mp4

Bookmarklet is best used as "shortcut" on Apple devices and also as regular bookmark on desktop/laptop windows devices. Save it to your browser, then activate by pressing it while watching some video you'd like to download. It saves on URL address copy-paste step of the process, so it's quite handy.

Save videos from Youtube to Mp4 & Mp3

Some of the most popular formats to download videos from Youtube are MP4 and WEBM for video, and Mp3 converter is obviously MP3 and sometimes M4A or WEBM for audio extraction. SnatchMedia can also helo download videos from Youtube by the playlist, all you need to do is provide the playlist URL, it can be copied from the Share button or from browser website address bar.



Can I download Youtube video to offline file?

Yes, using SnatchMedia you can download videos from Youtube and 100s of other websites, and save to your device for offline access (no extra data transfer required)

What is Youtube downloader? How to use one?

  1. To start, find a video you'd like to download from Youtube
  2. Copy video link and insert it into page-top form on SnatchMedia
  3. Press Download button and wait for download options
  4. Select your preferred quality and format, and downbload Youtube video

is this service limited daily or monthly?

No. There are no usage limits, download Youtube videos as much as you like, just keep an eye on your mobile data if you are not on free wifi.

What video sources are supported by SnatchMedia?

If you know the website, we most likely know how to download videos from it. As long as video is not some password protected or access restricted, we will help you download it and convert to Mp4/Mp3 format.

Does this app donload whole Youtube playlist?

Yes, you can download videos by the playlist, just bring the playlist page URL here and we will hel you out as much as we can to download the videos from this playlist.